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Rally Secretariat:
F.A.M.S. - Via Giangi, 64/e - 47891 Dogana - RSM
Telefono : 0549.909053 - Fax: 0549.905922
Email: info@rallysanmarino.com
Media & accreditation contact:
Sandra Strazzari: sanstrazz@tin.it – cellulare +39 338 9607060


Programme and description of the event

The 40th San Marino Rally of 2012 will be held on 13 special stages 190 km long and a global route of 780 km. The San Marino Rally is back in the areas where it used to take place in the past: day one, will in fact start from the Sestino stage (19.33 km) that will open the way, followed by the Mercatello on Metauro stage ( 24.15 km), both to be repeated twice. At the end of day one, at night, we will have a brand new and spectacular stage, entirely on asphalt, within San Marino borders and finishing directly in the town centre. Spectators and fans will enjoy the final stage show at night in the old town itself, where one can see almost the entire race from a chrming position. Day two will restart from San Marino on Saturday morning. After some years of absence, San Marino Rally will be back to the Montefeltro area. The special stages are: Monte Benedetto (6.82 km) and Roffelle (15.85 km) to be repeated 3 times and Sant'Agata Feltria (14.45 km) to be repeated twice. Day two will allow those who want to follow the race closely to enjoy the special stages and the activity of service parks thanks to the short distance from the Republic.

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